Best Gaming Consoles of 2017

Gaming has been popular for over a decade now or even longer than a decade. If compared to how gaming was done years back, the gaming now is so much more advanced. There has been a development in the way that the games are played regarding speed, visuals, choices and so on. Popular companies like Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft have been heard by many because many have played their games and they are the leading companies now. Some devices have been developed to enhance the gaming experience, and as time goes, the gaming consoles are getting better and better, so counting for the development and creation in the year 2017, here is a list of the best gaming consoles so far:

  1. Nintendo Switch – The Nintendo Switch comes with a multipurpose aspect as it can be used as a device for mobile gaming and the changeover to a gaming console for the home simply by hooking it up into the station. This gaming console comes with a great selection of games and accessories. What makes this gaming console is that players can play Mario titles and also the latest Zelda or other games and take it wherever they want to go.
  2. Sony Xbox One S – This model by Microsoft is much slimmer and better in appearance as compared to the former model. The Sony Xbox One S has upgraded in its hardware with an inbuilt power unit. This model grants access to streaming around 4k videos from popular services, and also, the display comes with Ultra-HD Bluray player. The launch edition has the storage capacity of 2TB, and another bonus addition is that some complimentary games also come along with this console.
  3. Sony Play Station Slim – This model of Sony Play Station is sleeker and more polished in its display as the name of the model mentions. This gaming console is tightly packed as compared to the former PS4 Model. The bonus of this console is the display; its features include an abundant availability of exclusive titles and an incredible capability of the home entertainment centre. Besides being an excellent gaming platform, it also has the features of streaming various contents from Netflix, HBO, Amazon, YouTube and so on.
  4. Sony Play Station 4 Pro – This gaming console bears over 4k gaming that does not require a pricey desktop or the PC. The Sony Play Station 4 Pro is adaptable to all of the PS4 games and is compatible with the Sony VR head gear. Also, this gaming console also can stream not only 4k contents from Netflix but also HDR videos which are all thanks to the upgraded GPU.
  5. Nintendo 3DS XL – For better in-game control, the Nintendo 3DS XL comes with a C stick, Amiibo support and NFC connectivity. In addition to it, there is a rich library that consists of the 3DS titles that include games like Super Mario, Donkey Kong and even Legend of Zelda.

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