Best video Games for Xbox one that you must try

The Xbox One was released in the year 2013, and it is still widely popular among many even today. There are plethoras of excellent games that are available on Xbox One from series of genres, be it an adventure, driving, shooting, war or anything. With a library that consists of all these games here is a list of some of the best video games that are available on Xbox One:

  1. Grand Theft Auto 5 – The GTA 5 is a beautifully created game that is refined, improved and expanded and does not get old. The new GTA does not feel like it is a rerun of its previous games as it comes with some enhancements such as the introduction of the First person which improved the experience the exploration of the City Santos and the addition of the online heists made it even more appealing to the players. The game made a big difference with the graphical improvement making it stunning and detailed.
  2. Overwatch – This game can be described in a lot of terms, and it is one of the best multiplayer FPS because of its competitiveness that conducts pitted competition and zealous team effort it takes its players into a competitive world but does not fail to ensure that all of its players are having a good time. The game is perfect for those who are competitive and are looking for a first person shooter game. The game is filled with the various casting of colorful heroes, all with a set of its skill and characteristics.
  3. The rise of the Tomb Rider – The game is packed with a blazing adventure which is a result of the combination of a good mixture of puzzle solving, exploration, sneaking, fighting and everything that the Tomb Rider does best. The rise of the Tomb Rider also comes with downloadable add-ons that let Lara combat with zombies or the witches of the swamp. All this makes the gaming experience even more interesting.
  4. Dark Souls 3 – Dark Souls 3 is back and packed with adventure that is even more terrifying in a thrilling way. The world of Dark Souls consists of cities, tombs, dungeons, towers, and unraveling secret passage ways. It is a challenging game, but as the game progress, it allows you to gain more power which you have earned. Once you play the game, it will not make you forget the boldness of the game which is filled with terrible experiences.
  5. Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition – This game is probably of the best 2D game of all time when it comes to the way it was portrayed. The game’s story line follows a young orphan who is destined for great things. Ori and the Blind Forest come with an excellent mechanics that is beautifully linked with the narrative sequences of the game. The game allows the player to explore the vast world that is filled with a stunning maze, caverns, glades and unlocking abilities as you explore the world and unravel the mystery.