Top 5 Augmented Reality Games of 2017

Augmented reality games are one of the most anticipating games right now. The ever growing era of games brings us thrills and new exciting things. Since the number, if genres of games are so much more than we think, it is better to cover up one genre which is AR (Augmented reality) games.

If you are unaware of augmented reality games, then let me break it down for you. Augmented reality uses your geolocation to locate your surroundings and creates the map according to it. Note that your device GPS should be enabled to get the full experience of AR. So as you move your device by walking or running, the augmented world will act accordingly to it.

Augmented reality games are different from other genres. You don’t sit on the couch and play the game; you need to be dedicated and explore the outside to achieve the game requirements.

So today I will list top 5 augmented reality games which you need to try

Top 5 AR games of 2017

  1. Pokemon Go–Pokemon Go is probably the biggest augmented reality games of 2016 which is still a great game in 2017. This game took the world by a storm. Niantic did a mind blowing job by bringing AR to Pokemon Go since it perfectly fits the needs of the game. In this game, you have to explore your surroundings and catch as much Pokemon as you can. There are other things which you can also achieve by exploring. So try this game if you haven’t already.
  1. Ingress–Although this game was released back in 2012, it is still a great AR Game in 2017. You would be wrong if you think that Pokemon Go is the first AR game by Niantic because Ingress is also developed by Niantic. This game is about the quest where the humanity is in danger. The dark energy discovered by the scientist can change the way we think, so it is up to you to protect the humanity.
  1. Parallel Mafia–I never personally thought that this type of game could be implemented in augmented reality. Well, the game is quite interesting, more interesting who likes to play Mafia games and rule over the city. Become the boss of your Mafia clan by earning reputation and building your business. The game offers you the criminal world with AR technology to do some crimes without getting arrested in real life.
  1. Temple Treasure Hunt –This game is for the mystery and myth lovers. You have to search for the treasure with the help of the trails. This game also uses your geolocation for the map where the treasure is hidden.
  2. Geo AR Games–Geo AR Games provides the mere example of what augmented reality is. In this game, you can make your surroundings filled with augmented Animals and beautiful landscape. Creating your fantasy world is the purpose of this game. That’s it for this game.

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